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The dependable functionality of the Model D Indoor Rower is now the best-selling indoor rower on earth. Inspired by aggressive rowers as the norm for indoor training, the Model D provides an effective aerobic exercise that will boost your exercise level and tone your body. In a fraction of the price of additional home exercise equipment or a yearly gym membership, then you are able to get the luxury of exercising on your house if you choose…and also get a fantastic workout to boot up.

We appreciate practical layout: Our Model D is engineered and will last a lifetime. The Model D you purchase is the exact same equipment used by Olympic- and – elite-level athletes to prepare for their game –it will take the misuse of heavy training day after day. If you’re searching for a good piece of exercise equipment in a fantastic price, the Model D is the best option.

The Model D is available in 2 colors: light gray (exactly the same as the Model E and Dynamic Indoor Rower) or black.

Performance Monitor

The Performance Monitor is exactly what sets Concept2 Indoor Rowers besides other training apparatus, and each Model D contains our most sophisticated track, the PM5. Sophisticated yet simple to use, the PM5 offers precise, comparable information for every single row. A backlight raises reliability, compatibility with USB flash drives which makes keeping your fitness information a cinch, and you can monitor your pulse. The flexible screen arm on the Model D enables you to position the monitor in which you prefer.

Flywheel and Damper

Our indoor rowers react to your attempt on each stroke, therefore you’re in complete charge of your effort and resistance in any way times. The spiral damper permits you to easily adjust the warmth into the flywheel, which means it’s possible to alter the sense of the stroke to fit your taste. The flywheel design minimizes noise while optimizing a smooth texture.

Low Profile

Using its 14″ (35.6 cm) seat height, the Model D retains a very low profile.

Storage and Freedom

The Model D includes a quick-release (no tools needed!) Framelock mechanism, which means that you can easily divide the machine in to two bits for storage. Caster wheels on front foot permit you to roll up the fully-assembled machine into place.

Adjustable Footrests and Ergonomic Manage

We use adjustable footrests on our indoor rowers for fast and effortless sizing. (Footrests adapt a broad variety of shoe sizes) Our comfortable, ergonomic handle includes a 10 degree bend which lets you row using a natural arm and hand posture.

Nickel Plated Chain

Nickel plated chain: looks great and works hard. The nickel plating allows for lengthier intervals between oiling, therefore, even though maintenance is not your strong suit, the Model D will nevertheless feel silky smooth throughout your next workout.

Easy Assembly

The Model D necessitates that the installation of front legs Employing a total of eight screws. We include the essential instrument and clear, illustrated directions. Requires just 20–30 minutes.

Durable Structure That is Simple to Keep

Our machines have been well known because of their durability and structure. Tough and built to last, our machines withstand rigorous use in ship houses, training facilities, living rooms, resorts, gyms and army bases across the globe. We ensure that our machines are simple to look after so you can concentrate on utilizing your own investment, not keeping it.

We’ve been considering acquiring a rowing machine to receive a good all round level of fitness together with reduced effect but exceptionally beneficial exercise of the significant muscle groups.

After months and months of study into different makes of rower that I bought the Concept2 Model D rower in dark and I am so happy we did. It’s fantastically smart from the black color.

We researched many kinds of rower from magnetic, to air resistence at different price points and discovered nothing that came near the Concept2.

Although not affordable, the rower features completely rock solid build quality, features and ease of use and thus why it is the default option in the majority of commercial gyms.

After we determined Concept2 was the ideal version we did consider buying another hand version from several auction sites however, the rower retains its worth exceptionally well and for much more money it is possible to find a brand new rower with complete guarantee safe in the knowledge it has not been mistreated. This is not much greater than a fantastic gym membership and had the convienence of being in your home. Most rowers are more expensive also.

We’ve experienced this rower for around three months and we’re already beginning to feel fitter and thinner and my spouse are now competing against each other. It’s so simple when we do not have a lot of time to really have a row every evening.

The rower itself is fairly hefty but comes in 2 segments that just click together. 8 bolts are provided along helpfully using the instrument to twist them to attach the legs and also this actually took 5 mins and we’re prepared to row.

The rower is readily able to detach and divide into two segments for storage vertical into a corner/against a wall socket that’s actually useful in a tight area.

When constructed, the rower is very long permitting for anybody upto a fantastic height/weight to utilize this. I’m 6ft 4 and don’t have any difficulties. I think Concept2 urge a distance if 9ft from 4ft but more information on their site that was useful in positioning.

The PM5 computer came with newest firmware and D batteries . These cost off the rower when in use that’s an additional bonus.

The PM5 is quite clear, simple to use and comes with a broad assortment of rowing alternatives and a couple of games such as fishing and darts to modify workout regimen.

The PM5 additionally supports ANT+, Bluetooth and Bluetooth smart for linking devices like smart phones, iPads, and heartbeat monitors/computers.

We utilize the free Concept2 Ergdata program which runs on smart phones to monitor our progress and consequently helpfully uploads information to our own online logbook that’s free on the Concept2 site. This runs Bluetooth so is wireless.

I think results could be saved into USB pencil also if desired but program was simpler for us.

The Concept2 site is excellent, as it features a completely free internet logbook that you are able to monitor your progressand compare with other people of comparable skill and challenge individuals. Additionally you will find a lot of helpful guides, videos and daily challenges (should you register ) on the site that was actually valuable.

Specifically the method videos where really nice and simple to comprehend.

In use, the Rower is fairly quiet and whilst there’s some wind noise I could listen to audio or see to with the volume up a little.

Additionally included is a reduced trial of row expert that permits online training/races against other with a pc but as yet not sensed the need for this .

In short:

What is Fantastic

  1. Excellent made to last construct superior
  2. User friendly and incredibly clean computer
  3. Fantastic website/support
  4. Simple to dismantle/store

What is awful

  1. Wish I purchased it earlier

Any questions please inquire however hope you found this helpful.

Where can I buy concept 2 rower?

As a result of enormous demand due to house gym fitouts, this thing was in low inventory for many weeks. We’ve been getting inventory to match our order backlog and anticipate additional inventory to arrive with us during week beginning 25th January. This inventory was allocated to requests on a first come first served basis, but we now estimate we’ll have free inventory readily available for new orders per week beginning 1st February. To book stock from these types of future shipments please put your order today. Stock is now just available in BLACK

How much does a Concept 2 rower cost?

The reliable performance of the Model D RowErg is now the best-selling indoor rower on earth. Inspired by aggressive rowers as the norm for indoor instruction, the Model D provides a powerful aerobic exercise that will boost your exercise level and tone your body.

The Model D can be used by Olympic and elite-level athletes to prepare for their game – it will take the misuse of heavy training day daily.

Does Concept 2 ever go on sale?